Upcoming Miniature Schnauzer Puppy Litters

Information about our upcoming Litters

Our Winter 2023 -2024 Waitlist Has Started!

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We will have a new daddy who carries for mostly liver, and has parti too. He is gorgeous with a mega coat! I am very excited about our new man. 

Also, we will have some new girls! They are from Tara’s Schnauzers, some real beauties.  Be sure to check out our Mommies & Daddies pages to see our newest additions!

Click the button below to see our beautiful girls we plan to breed for this Winter 2023 -2024!

We are expecting livers, merles, partis, black, black & silver, salt & pepper in regular Mini size, as always the toy size, maybe even t-cups. And black with blue eyes, and fingers crossed on liver with blue eyes, pretty sure Merle with blue eyes.

As always, waitlist gets first pick. If there are any puppies still available after that, they will be on our Miniature Schnauzer Puppies For Sale Page

Confetti & Karma Are Expecting!

I expect this litter to show up mid to later in December 2023 – stay tuned! I can’t wait to see some Karma babies! Lots of liver between these 2. Anyone love chocolate?!

Zsa Zsa & Karma Are Expecting!

Sweet Zsa Zsa is also due mid/late December and she does carry for brown/chocolate/liver as does Karma, I am really looking forward to seeing what these two sweet beauties produce! Won’t be long now!

Fill out the form below to learn more about our upcoming Miniature Schnauzer puppy litters and how to get on our waitlist!

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On Joining The Waitlist

I operate from a waitlist – waitlist gets first pick of puppies; what isn’t picked is offered on my puppies for sale page. (if any are available)

*if you don’t hear back from me within 24 hours; be sure to check your spam folder!

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