The Perfect Music for Calming Dogs Down

Dogs are living beings that have a lot of energy. They need to be taken out for walks, fed, and played with. All of these activities can cause them to get excited and anxious. But it’s good to get that energy out and enjoy time with you! But when you leave, the anxiety can really get to your loving pet. They don’t know where you are going or when you will be back, the stress can get pretty high for some sweet furbabies.

Music is an easy way to calm them down. It helps by providing a soothing background noise that masks other sounds and gives the dog something else to focus on. This helps them relax and enjoy their time at home more than they would without it. Soothing sounds – enough to calm the wild beast. Anxiety relief without any supplements, just a new mental state with music.

It’s good to have music on for them all of the time, at least, a lot of the time – so if they do have separation anxiety and you turn on music for them, they won’t associate music on with you leaving. Start now with your pet while you are at home – having a background noise of what you would like for them to listen to – so when you are ready to leave the home they are all ready accustomed to the sound, and associate it with you being in the house.

Repetitive sounds can, with a melody, be so relaxing and enjoyable that it can put any stressed mind right to sleep – think: lullaby. Soothing music that envelopes the soul and takes you to a different place in your mind to just drift off in peace – that is our goal for your pet with music.

There are so many reasons for your pup to become anxious. New puppy in the home – a great tool to help them adjust to their new home. A shelter dog – not used to relaxing, has only known life as anxious place to be. An aggressive dog that needs to learn to go into a calmer mode. There are so many reasons that music is an excellent choice for your pet’s mental well being!

You can try different types of music to see if some types of music have a better effect on them than others. Or, even try white noise, like people in a restaurant, maybe they won’t feel so alone if they can hear people noise. Or just a plain fan will work – it blurs outside noise so being alone wouldn’t be so scary.

So, not one sound will work on all dogs all the time – the perfect music to calm your dog, may not be the perfect music to calm your neighbor’s dog. It’s probably a pretty good bet that if there is a music that calms you down, it will help them relax knowing you’re relaxed.

So, give it a try – play some music for your pet and see if that will help them calm down with or without you at home – Tara’s Schnauzers has a playlist just for your pup you can try here

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