Growing our own organic dog food, my dogs love to eat raw meat, and organic is the way to go since most store bought meat has hormones, added salt water, just stuff that your body or your dog’s body really doesn’t need! And as you know, I feed my dogs raw meat ~ species appropriate. To feed them and us was getting very pricey and the organic prices were just out of the question!

So, we have purchased a pregnant doe rabbit and a buck. This will give us healthy, organic meat for the dogs and for us. A win-win, and they are so cute to raise.

We aren’t strangers to raising rabbits. My daughter raised rabbits for her 4-H project. So we are a little bit familiar with it, although it was quite a few years ago. The kids also did chickens and lambs.

We hope to get some meat / laying hens too. We are on about an acre – so we do have a little room for these animals. I don’t see the lamb thing happening, but you never know. I didn’t see this coming either.

We are enjoying it so far, although I am sure we will have a bit of a learning curve, thank God for the internet, and YouTube. We have learned something all ready – we were storing the rabbit food, by the rabbits in the open and for some reason we started having huge bumble bees show up. We were like, where did these guys come from!? But, as you know, it can rain quite a bit in Tennessee. After a rain we decided to put an airtight container by the cages for the rabbit food. And don’t you know – no more bumble bees. Ha! They weren’t viscious, but they were intimidating.

This new journey will be beneficial to us all – and we are enjoying the baby bunnies right now. We should have plenty for all of us to eat in just a few months time. I am told rabbit meat is very good. And we won’t have to worry about any hormones or additives. I am very pleased about that.

I will post more about how it is going for us with the organic rabbit meat – but for now, here is a cute picture of a couple of our baby bunnies at just a couple of days old.

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