Are we over vaccinating our dogs? To hear most animal doctors tell it – they can’t seem to give enough toxins to your poor dogs immune system! They want to vaccinate for this, that and the other thing and then some more! And then they want to give more toxins orally with “flea and tick preventatives” oh my lord, there are whole Facebook pages dedicated to the reactions to these horrible toxins; do a quick google search and you will see loads pages!

And something I’ve been saying for a very long time – is why do my tiny dogs need to receive as much vaccine dosage as a large dog like a german shepard puppy?! Turns out – someone else had the exact same thoughts as me – and did a great article on that here.

I have personally seen what over vaccinating a dog can do. I sold an adorable – vet checked and healthy tiny little sweet baby to someone – and then one day received a call saying could she have a different puppy, the one I gave her has something wrong with it, it hides under her bed and has seizures. I felt terrible! I immediately took her a new puppy and took back the one that was “ill”. After much fighting with the puppy buyer I finally received the puppy’s vet records. What I saw was what actually happened to the tiny sweet innocent fur baby – the vet vaccinated the puppy and had been consistently doing so – like every two weeks, but the last vaccine put the puppy over the edge and she instantly started having seizures in the vet office. The vet had to instantly give anti seizure meds – all of this was in the records no one wanted me to have. (see adorable picture of her below)

That sweet baby had such awful neurological damage – she couldn’t walk straight, poor thing. We did get her turned around, but it took months. A healthy, raw diet and some milk thistle for her liver.

Over vaccinating of our dogs is getting all too common and as responsible pet owners, we owe it to our pets and ourselves to do more research on what we are allowing to be injected and ingested into our dogs! We need to ask for the inserts that come with the vaccine or the oral medications and the nasal ones too. Say to the animal doctor you would like to read it and do some research first before just giving your pet the toxins! And ask your vet if instead of more vaccines, let’s do a titer test to see if he/she even needs it – because more vaccines does not mean your dog is more protected!

Here at Tara’s Schnauzers I’ve taken a very careful approach to vaccinating my puppies. I give them vaccines for what can kill them: Parvo & Distemper. And these vaccines are given separately, one at a time, so the little immune systems are not bombarded and overwhelmed. I think if you do some research of your own you will find that many of the vaccines pushed on you from the vet are not even necessary. People want to take their pet to the groomer or drop it off at doggy daycare and are forced to get all these vaccines, but I say – find a home pet sitter, look for a mobile groomer or save some money and learn to do it yourself. Your dog’s health is worth it! 

Just a little word of warning – I knew a vet tech that told me all dogs die of cancer. What!?! You think it’s something that is being injected into them? Maybe being given to them orally? Or what about those aweseome, expensive and fancy dog foods – those cute little brown blobs of mystery stuff? Nah – couldn’t be from that, probably just genetics…

This is the little cutie I got back – we adored her so!

She knew the whole show ran around her 😉

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