Single Vaccines For Dogs Health


The Importance Of Adopting Single Vaccines For Your Dogs Health

 The health and well-being of your pet is a major concern that deserves adequate attention. Vaccination serves as a protection action which confers immunity to your pet against certain diseases.

As much as vaccines can be helpful, it holds some detrimental effects which pet owners should be wary about. For pet owners, vaccination of pets is only mandated for some core diseases such as rabies.

But how often should you vaccinate? This piece gives a brief exposition surrounding pet vaccinations and the recommendation of single vaccines for pets.

How Often Should You Present Pets For Vaccination?

It is a common practice for pet owners to return their pets to the vets for repeat shots of vaccination; usually based on mere vaccination traditions. But more recent research has revealed that this practice is not ideal, and could trigger unfavorable health conditions and expose the pets to the inherent dangers of Vaccines.

Vaccination and duration of immunity

Experts have revealed that there has been a major misinformation regarding the ideal frequency of vaccination and duration of immunity conferred by vaccines.

According to the American Animal Health Association Canine Vaccine Task Force “Immunological memory provides duration of immunity for core infectious diseases that far exceeds the traditional recommendation of annual Vaccines”

This implies that your pet immune system after a single vaccine can provide long lasting protection against diseases and it is counter-intuitive to repeatedly take animals that are unable to make a choice of their own for repeated vaccine shots.

Why single vaccines are the best path for your dog

The cry against multi vaccinations or annual Vaccination for diseases stems from multi-factors and proven facts by renowned scientists and researchers about the dangers of vaccines. Here are reasons why your pet should only have a single vaccine.

  • Vaccination is considered as a stress to the body system; due to its formulation with parts or components of disease-causing organisms, so it is necessary that only a minimum amount of vaccinations is conducted.
  • Vaccinations can predispose to several adverse reactions such as lethargy, hair loss, and weight loss. So it is recommended that pets are not made to undergo this stress more than once.
  • Vaccine- induced diseases has been a very prominent finding and it is crucial  that these  beloved pets are protected from the damages that can occur from vaccines
  • The stress caused by vaccination while stimulating the immune system to produce antibodies has the potential to cause more severe immune related defects such as osteodystrophy, and autoimmune hemolytic anemia.
  • Cancers and other debilitating diseases can arise as a result of mutation of genetic material which can be caused by multiple vaccinations.


According to the renowned researcher Dr. Ronald D Schultz, who has dedicated over 40 years of study to vaccines, there is no scientific validation to vaccinating pets annually in a bid to boost immunity, and vaccination should only be conducted when necessary. Keep your pets safe from the dangers of vaccines as you do from infectious diseases by subjecting them to only single vaccinations.

*Tara’s Schnauzers ONLY vaccinates for what can kill your dog and always one vaccine at a time. Vaccine damage is hugely underreported and can have lifetime deletrious health effects on your dog! The goal is always a HEALTHY pet. There is no thing healthy about vaccines!

Here is a great .pdf on Core Vaccines & None Core Vaccines to help you better understand which are essential and which are not! From this wonderful website: Dogs Naturally Magazine 

“When it comes to immunity and duration of immunity for vaccines, there is one clear expert. Dr Ronald D Schultz is one of perhaps three or four researchers doing challenge studies on veterinary vaccines – and he’s been doing these studies for 40 years. In fact, it’s Dr Schultz’s work that prompted the AAHA (AmericanAnimal Hospital Association) and AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) to re-evaluate vaccine schedules.” Is a direct quote from this enlightening .pdf from Dogs Naturally Magazine.

But, is there an alternative to doing all these vaccines that are hurting our dogs health and longevity? Why, I’m glad you asked! Yes – yes there is! Check this page from Dogs Naturally Magazine where they talk about doing titers instead of just re-vaccinating. Insightful information!

And last, but certainly not least – something I’ve been saying for a LONG time: How is it that tiny puppies say like a teacup get the same vaccine amount as a Great Dane or German Shepard puppy? I feel like you’re just begging for a terrible vaccine reaction. Finally someone else is speaking out against this crazy anomaly! Check out the information here

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