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I want to state that, I have had good experiences re-homing my adult Schnauzers. Please note, I am in the business of selling puppies – that means I expect the person who wants an adult Schnauzer from me to do their due diligence on what to expect when adopting an adult dog into your home.

Also, I will no longer be adopting out my older dogs to homes that already have dogs. This is where my bad experience comes in from adopting out an adult dog. You are not bringing in a stuffed animal. This is a dog that has been loved on from the moment they got here – has lots of dog friends and is no longer a puppy. That means – when it gets to your home there is an expectation on my part that you will do everything in your power to take good care of the dog and make sure you are easing it into your lifestyle. That means you may need to be patient – FOR AS LONG AS IT TAKES – as the dog is confused and sad it has left the only home it has known and is now in a strange house with new expectations.

So please don’t send your name and email if you already have dogs. My dog now deserves to have all the love and attention and not have to worry about being in another dog’s territory.

I will be very picky about who I re-home my dogs to. Not that I wasn’t before – but I will be very careful and I will be sure to ask questions to see if you’ve done your part in making sure you understand what exactly is to be expected – such as, the boys may need belly wraps until they have learned your house rules! My dogs are corraled when in the house or belly wrapped. They are used to using a doggy door. And they do understand what a pee pee pad is for and will use it. They are accustomed to being in a crate. My dogs are wonderful! BUT – you will need to be patient with them as they learn your house rules! And I expect you to have looked on the internet and learn what it is you are getting into. I have no way of knowing what you do or don’t know, so I will be asking questions.

My adult dogs are NOT free – they will have a substantial fee. So don’t apply thinking you’re getting a purebred for little to zero money/investment on your part.

I do NOT want to hear after only trying for ONE day how my dog has issues and you need to give it back – that’s not a thing!!!! My dogs do have personalities, but I would never re-home a dog that I felt had issues without disclosing that first – I want what is best for that dog for the long haul. I am not re-homing it because I don’t love it anymore – I am re-homing it so it can get all the love and attention for the rest of its life. That dog deserves all you’ve got to make it work – ALL YOU’VE GOT!!!!

It hurts my heart to re-home the adults, when I do, I console myself with knowing they will now be the queen/king of the house and get all the loves!!! 

If you feel you are the right person, and you’ve done your due diligence on what it takes to bring an older dog to your home, please send your name and email and when I have an adult dog available for re-homing I will contact you!

I am looking for a forever home for this beauty queen ~

retiring miniature schnauzer

This is Tara’s Sparkling Confetti –

we call her funfetti or just ‘fetti girl.

She is a regular full size Miniature Schnauzer in liver/tan Merle.

Her dob is 3/26/2020, so she will be 3 years old soon! She was born here from Serenity & Bleu.

If you are interested in making her your gal – please fill out the form below *please note: she is not free!

And I will get back to you ~

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