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*Disclaimer – this list is updated often as some matings may be added and/or disappear due to later than expected heats, missed heats, split heats or just not pregnant as expected. Expect the unexpected, breeding dogs can be a wild ride!


Poppy is teacup and double blue eyes. Karma is toy. Both have incredible mega coats! I expect some beautiful Merles from this pairing. It would be a first time pairing but both have been bred before and make beautiful mega coated babies! This pairing has moved to the Upcoming Litters page!

Planned Miniature Schnauzer breedings (4)

If you love them gorgeous and small and chocolate – her pretty puppies are worth the wait! This pairing has moved to the Upcoming Litters page!

Lots of liver between these two! Daisy’s dad has beautiful sky blue eyes. Daisy is a lush liver/tan, regular size Mini – I can’t wait to see what these 2 megacoats bring!  P.S. neither one of them do their ears do that – picture day is stressful for them and then their ears do a stress thing that makes them stick out. After a groom, bath, blowdry – they are not interested in getting their picture taken, lol

These are the parents to Solana & Daisy – Dash is a dark Chocolate – Serenity is black – both are regular size Mini’s & have incredible mega coats. (Serenity & Dash are retired) 

These 2 beauties are both megacoated and carry the “e” gene which will give us lots of white or at least lots of parti! Poppy is a double blue eyed Merle. I will be pairing these 2 in 2024. I expect her to come into heat in January 2024 – so excited! Can’t wait!

Bluebelle is a Ricochet baby with one blue eye and also carries the “e” gene, which will give us lots of white or at least lots of parti! . I will be pairing these 2 in 2024 – so excited! Can’t wait!

Planned Miniature Schnauzer breedings

Flirt’s babies are gorgeous and sought after! I know these will be gorgeous babies! It’s hard to get an idea of size, but these 2 are not very big – in the toy range! Flirt carries for liver and salt & pepper and Karma is all liver – will be fun to see what we get!


I expect some pretty parti puppies from these two – should be a gorgeous pairing! Small, and megacoated babies…


OMG – these two should make some beautiful little megacoated parti puppies – I am so excited to pair these pretty babies – stay tuned in 2024 🙂

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