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*Disclaimer – this list is updated often as some matings may be added and/or disappear due to later than expected heats, missed heats, split heats or just not pregnant as expected. Expect the unexpected, breeding dogs can be a wild ride!

Summer 2024 Litters:


Zsa Zsa makes the most precious mega-coated baby faced cutie pies! Her and Riot should make some amazing toy and maybe even teacup puppies soon. This fabulous duo has moved to the Upcoming Litters page!

planned - miniature-schnauzer-puppy-litters

This gorgeous pairing has moved to the Upcoming Litters page! Expect some amazing puppies – both are liver only carriers so liver, liver pepper, and liver Merle 🙂

Planned Miniature Schnauzer breedings

This gorgeous pairing has moved to the Upcoming Litters page! Expect some amazing puppies – for sure mega coated toy size with possibly salt & pepper or liver pepper or choclate Mini Schnauzer puppies 🙂 I can’t wait to see…

Late Summer – Fall 2024 Litters:

These 2 beauties are both megacoated and carry the “e” gene which will give us lots of white or at least lots of parti! Poppy is a double blue eyed Merle. I will be pairing these two late Summer 2024 – Can’t wait!

We will try again for a Bluebelle Riot litter later in 2024.

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