For tara's schnauzers 2023


I plan to breed heats in July/Aug and maybe early September that gives Fall litters born ready to go in late Fall

early Winter 2023.

I will post pictures soon of who I plan to breed to whom.

But there are some new Tara’s Schnauzers beauties I’ve held back

and a new daddy has been added ~

Tara’s Dancin’ In The Country Sweet Karma

planned miniature schnauzer breedings

This pretty liver pepper boy carries for lots of colors with an amazing mega coat. I hope to mix things up a bit, and get a lot more colors this Fall/Winter – stay tuned!

Lots of liver between these two! Daisy’s dad has beautiful sky blue eyes. Daisy is a lush liver/tan, regular size Mini – I can’t wait to see what these 2 bring! 

Solana is an elegant black & silver, regular size Mini – her handsome dad has beautiful sky blue eyes – these 2 should produce some mega-coated, blue-eyed beauties! I can’t wait!

These are the parents to Solana & Daisy – Dash is a dark Chocolate – Serenity is black – both are regular size Mini’s & have incredible mega coats. 

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