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For tara's schnauzers 2024

in no particular order ~

*Disclaimer – this list is updated often as some matings may be added and/or disappear due to later than expected heats, missed heats, split heats or just not pregnant as expected. Expect the unexpected, breeding dogs can be a wild ride!

Summer 2024 Litters:


Zsa Zsa makes the most precious mega-coated baby faced cutie pies! Her and Riot should make some amazing toy and maybe even teacup puppies soon. This fabulous duo has moved to the Upcoming Litters page!


Back by popular demand! Audrey – with a new pairing, Riot! Audrey is early in her heat cycle mid-June 2024, but is going to be bred to my gorgeous man Riot when she is ready! This pairing has moved to the Upcoming Litters page!

These 2 beauties are both megacoated and carry the “e” gene which will give us lots of white or at least lots of parti! Poppy is a double blue eyed Merle. I will be pairing these two mid Summer 2024 – Can’t wait!


I try to pair Paradise with a boy that will bring out her chocolate, but this time I am pairing her with a boy who will hopefully bring out her Parti side 😉 Riot only carries for black and Paradise only carries for chocolate but they both carry for parti – I think this will be a fun experiment! So stay tuned….

Fall 2024 Litters:

We will try again for a Bluebelle Riot litter later in 2024.


Flirt & Riot I would expect Parti and anything else would be a fun surprise!

Watch for his puppies coming in 2025!

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