Tara's Schnauzers Puppy Pricing Policy:

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The aim of our puppy pricing policy is to be as fair as possible to everyone on our list awaiting their precious new puppy.  Backed by the latest science and decades of experience, we do all we can to ensure your puppy will be a healthy and enjoyable canine companion.  Because of this, our puppies are simply the best that money can buy and are priced accordingly, at the top of the market.

From time to time we increase the price of our puppies in accord with prevailing market conditions.

Our policy on pricing is as follows:

The price quoted to you in your first email from us will be the price you pay for your puppy provided that:

  • Your deposit securing your place on our waiting list is received within 7 days of that email, and:
  • You accept the first puppy you are offered that conforms to the preferences you stated on joining the list. Alternatively if you postpone to a later litter for any reason the price you will pay will be in accord with the prices current at the time you postponed.

When you are offered a puppy from a new litter and decide to accept your placement in that litter, an additional payment of half owed on the purchase price is required within 3 days of acceptance.  The remaining balance due is payable either cash at pick up when your puppy is 8 weeks and 4 days old (the usual day you pick your puppy up). OR – if you are requesting a flight nanny then puppy must be paid in full and cleared the bank before puppy leaves for the airport.

We are under no obligation to notify you of changes to our prices. However, we are happy to answer your inquiries at any time.

Our policy on deposits is as follows:

Your position on the list is strictly determined by the date the waiting list deposit is received.

Starting Feb. 1,  2023 I no longer offer refunds on deposits. New Deposit Policy: To ensure a seamless transaction process, we require all deposits to be non-refundable. Due to past experiences, we have found that a high number of refund requests have caused an undue burden on our accounting procedures.

As a boutique breeder, I specialize in producing a limited number of litters each year. I am not a large corporation or company, this is not a side hustle or hobby for me, but rather a personal business that I take very seriously.

If you are interested in purchasing one of my animals, I kindly request that you understand and acknowledge the following terms. Firstly, please be aware that all deposits are non-refundable. Secondly, it is important to note that you are purchasing a live animal, so it is crucial that you are absolutely certain that now is the right time to welcome a new member into your family.

Thank you for your interest in my boutique breeding business, and I appreciate your understanding and respect for these important guidelines.

The deposit must be made via Zelle and will go towards the purchase price of the puppy but cannot be refunded. Thank you for your understanding.

If you cancel your placement on the list after being allocated and accepting a puppy your payment(s) to date is/are non-refundable but will be held for you as a credit on your next puppy from us. This includes but is not limited to: puppies, retired Schnauzers, older puppies, etc.

In the event that you have made a payment towards the purchase of a puppy or dog from us and we are unable to establish contact with you for any reason, we reserve the right to relist the said puppy or dog for re-homing after a grace period of 7 days. Any monies paid towards the said purchase will be held in credit for you to utilize towards a future puppy or dog.

*Sending a deposit to Tara’s Schnauzers is acceptance of this policy. 

Our policy on puppies boarded with us past 8 weeks  of age

Final payment needs to be complete by the time your puppy is 8 weeks old  (the usual pick up date)

While every care is taken, every puppy kept here past that date is at the owner’s risk.

The cost of boarding is $60.00 per day after 8 weeks of age. This is due to the importance of the puppies needing to get to your family and their new environment ASAP to start socializing to their new forever life. Here is more info regarding that:

Navigating the Fear Periods in Young Dogs

During the early stages of a dog’s life, they undergo two distinct fear periods. The initial one typically occurs between 8 to 10 weeks of age. To ensure a smoother experience for both the puppy and the new owner, it’s beneficial to have the puppy comfortably settled into its new environment before this period strikes. This proactive approach aims to minimize the impact of the fear period, making it virtually imperceptible to the new owner. Timing the puppy’s transition to its new home strategically can make a significant difference in the overall adjustment process. It truly is imperative that you are ready to accept your new puppy no later than 8 weeks of age for a smooth and fearless transition.

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