Miniature Schnauzer Stud Service

Miniature Schnauzer stud service

Looking for top-notch Miniature Schnauzer stud service?

Discover exceptional quality and expertise in our Miniature Schnauzer stud service breeding program. Our handsome AKC and health-certified studs are available for service, ensuring strong genetics and a pedigree you can trust. Contact us now (see form below) to learn more and embark on the journey of breeding the finest Miniature Schnauzer puppies.

Jag is my teacup dynamo! 10 1/2″ tall and just 7 lbs 11 oz.  He throws gorgeous teacups and small toys with megacoats! If you are interested in owning Jag – he is proven and I have him on my Retired Adoption page  Ricochet is a blue eyed sweetheart who throws teacups & toys with beautiful mega coats! Karma is a sweetheart liver pepper and we can’t wait for his babies!

How we do it ~

Our Miniature Schnauzer stud service is simple. We ship chilled fresh semen by FedEx next day delivery for you or your Vet to AI your dam by noon the next day. The very latest we can collect and get semen ready to ship is 3:00 pm CST. It is best to call us when your dam first shows signs of heat. We can help with choosing the best stud for your dam and give you any advise you need on how to time the AI with progesterone testing. We also want to reserve the stud of your choice, we don’t want to overbook our males. The cost for overnite shipping in US is typically $160.00

Timing the AI

We recommend you do ovulation tests. Optimum AI is two days after ovulation, enough time to have fresh chilled semen delivered. Your Vet can perform a progesterone test to pin point ovulation. Or you can buy a kit and do it yourself.  We recommend shipping the day after a level of 5 and the same day on 8. Always keep us in the loop on test results so we get this right.


We ship using FedEx, UPS, and USPS. They each have their Pros and Cons. If you are using a Vet for the AI Make sure they will be open when the specimen arrives. Or be sure you have your AI kit so you can do this at home.

FedEx and UPS offer overnight service to almost every where in the Continental US. 95% of shipments go this way. We collect at 3PM and typically you get the semen the following morning. By 10:30 to major cities, noon for smaller places and sometimes by the end of the day for sparsely populated rural area. Mostly but not all places can get shipments on Saturday. There is no pickup on Saturday or Sunday , so we can not do overnight delivery to you using FedEx or UPS on either Sunday or Monday. If delivery is not available on Saturday we can usually find a location that does offer Saturday delivery in a near-bye community.

The Post Office also has overnight service, but they are not as reliable and do not operate on Holidays. But I can ship on a Saturday for a Monday arrival.

Multiple Shipments

About 50% of the a.i. breedings are two shipments two days apart.  Depending on Progesterone results and the issues like the weekend we can decide if a single or two shipments make sense. You only pay a single stud fee, however each shipment is a separate $160 charge plus another $65  for the container to ship it in.


Costs are $160 (typically) per each collection for overnight FedEx shipping.


The container for each shipping is $65.00.

I don’t make any money off of the shipping or the container to ship!


Stud fee: price of one of my puppies – toy size full grown (more on this in my email)

*** I recommend not waiting until the very last moment – I may not be able to help you, as I may need to order the shipping kit and extender.

The sperm collection fee (a.k.a. stud fee); shipping fee, and container for shipping fee is required with a signed contract. Payments can be made through an invoice that I send you via email- so, you can even use a credit card!

Want more information? Shoot me an email ~

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