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My Best Buds -

Our Miniature Schnauzer Daddies, here at Tara’s Schnauzers, are pets first. We have a small crew. Everyone gets along and gets lots of love and attention. We have a lot of fun with the parents as well as the puppies. Some are AKC or MSCA – Merle Schnauzer Club Of America. A special registry just for Merle Schnauzers. All of our gorgeous guys are megacoated, meaning they have lots of gorgeous, thick, lush fur which makes for an outstanding and beautiful Miniature Schnauzer! We do love a beautiful Schnauzer 😉

Here are our gorgeous guys in no particular order: 

All of my boys have been embark tested and are clear of any life threatening defects. 

To learn more about what embark tests for you can click on the image above to go to their website.

Introducing a new up and comer to our stud squad!


Tara's So Suave He's Startin' A Riot

I am so excited about this gorgeous new little guy! He is a mega coated cream parti and carries ee which means I will be able to pull some new and pretty colors out of my girls, including white! Stay tuned for his gorgeous babies in 2024!


miniature schnauzer daddies

This pretty man carries for:  Liver – Liver Pepper  Parti  – Liver & Tan Parti – Salt & Pepper – Black & Silver Parti – Wheaten Parti – Liver – Wheaten – Black & Silver


Tara's Dancin' In The Country Sweet Karma
This guy is just all marshmallow! So sweet! With the most incredible thick mega coat and not a single mat. A lovely liver pepper and everyone's favorite - you sweet silly boy, we love you Karma! I can't wait to see his babies - stay tuned!

AKC – 10.5 lbs & 10.5″ at withers

This pretty man carries for:  Liver – Liver Pepper  – Liver & Tan – Salt & Pepper – Black & Silver


Tara's Million Dollar Baby Blue Krush ~ this guy is just beautiful and carries for so many things! He is cream with blue eyes and a brown nose. We are in love and can't wait to see his babies in 2025! So stay tuned...

cream blue eyes Miniature Schnauzer

AKC – Charted to be 10 lbs full grown.

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