The Miniature Schnauzer Daddies Crew:

Our Miniature Schnauzer Daddies, here at Tara’s Schnauzers, are pets first. We have a small crew. Everyone gets along and gets lots of love and attention. We have a lot of fun with the parents as well as the puppies. Some are AKC or MSCA – Merle Schnauzer Club Of America. A special registry just for Merle Schnauzers. There is a link below under Bleu to go their site and learn more about this registry All of our gorgeous guys are megacoated, meaning they have lots of gorgeous, thick, lush fur which makes for an outstanding and beautiful Miniature Schnauzer! We do love a beautiful Schnauzer 😉

Here are our gorgeous guys in no particular order: 


Miniature Schnauzer Daddy

ricochet taras schnauzers daddy

Tara's Electric Blue Ricochet

Ricochet – AKA – Ricky but momma calls him Shay Shay. A stunning deep, dark, mega coat, black. Just gorgeous, those eyes are amazing! The sweetest little man – he’s always so happy. Momma loves you Shay Shay man. 11 lbs



Miniature Schnauzer Daddy


Tara's Lil Boy Bleu

Bleu is my soul man – he stares deeply into your eyes for a really long time, lol. 9 lbs.

So sweet and an amazing family man – a bit of a guard dog. And when happy loves to do zoomies. Love you blueberry!

MSCA (Merle Schnauzer Club of America)


Miniature Schnauzer Daddy

taras schnauzers too kool khaos white back ps 6

Tara's Too Kool Khaos

What can I say about this amazing man! He is happy, energetic, a talker, loves to stand on his back legs; so funny. He is mega-coated and 12.5 lbs and staying a gorgeous  black with silver. He’s a lot of fun and we love him bunches!




Miniature Schnauzer Mommies

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