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Here are our most frequently asked questions.
you may have more, feel free to contact us
  1. How big are your Schnauzers? Our interpretation of a “Miniature” Schnauzer- Weight: 12-18 lbs, Height: 12″-14″ at Withers
    Our interpretation of a “Toy” Schnauzer- Weight: 8-12 lbs, Height: 9″-12″ at Withers
    Our interpretation of a “Teacup” Schnauzer- Weight: 5-7 lbs, Height: 7″-9″ at Withers
    Our interpretation of a “Micro Teacup” Schnauzer- Weight 5 lbs & under, Height: 9″ & under at Withers
  2. How much for the puppy? We determine price based on size and color of eyes. The smaller the puppy full grown the more the cost and if blue eyes the more the cost. Our base price starts at $3,500.00 and goes up from there. More info on this on our puppies for sale page
  3. Can we come see the puppies? Not before they are 8 weeks old, sorry, just too easy for them to be exposed to things that they aren’t used to and get sick. Just not worth it for me. I do post lots of pictures and video of them – so you can see their personalities shine – be sure to follow us on social media so you don’t miss out on any of those!
  4. What are they registered? Most are AKC. If a certain registry is important to you, please be sure to ask – but I do try to post on puppies page too! When in doubt about anything, please ask!
  5. Are their tails docked and dewclaws removed? Yes, their tails are docked and dewclaws removed.
  6. Do you crop their ears? No, we specifically breed for the floppy ear, we don’t do ear-cropping, that is an elective surgery on the owners part.
  7. Do they come vaccinated? I vaccinate one vaccine at a time and for what can kill them: parvo and distemper. I use a MLV (modified live) vaccine that has been very good for our breeding program. Since using these vaccines I haven’t had to worry about parvo at all, which is a beautiful thing! I have seen first hand what vaccine damage can do, and so my protocol is very minimal, while still being very effective.
  8. Are they wormed? I use all natural wormers, I don’t like the harsh chemical wormers which have been proven to be ineffective after a while and need to be alternated, and usually make a big mess out of the puppies poops for awhile. Instead I use food grade Diatamaceous Earth, pumpkin seeds and MSM in their food as soon as I start weaning them. It is used every day until they leave. (more on this in my FREE rawfeeding e-booklet)
  9. More Information regarding our pricing policy
  10. Do you have a health guarantee? Yes we do!
  11. If we don’t live close enough to come get our puppy, how can we get our new puppy? We ship with a pet nanny ONLY! More on this here
  12. Do you give repeat buyers a discount? YES! We give repeat puppy buyers a nice discount – if you are a second (or more) time puppy buyer, please ask about our repeat puppy buyer discount!

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