The raw dog food diet, sometimes known as the BARF diet for dogs, is becoming increasingly popular. Its theory and approach to pet feeding is based on the notion that dogs, like wolves' progenitors, need to eat what nature intended for them, a raw diet. To survive, a wolf kills and consumes its victim in its entirety, including raw meat, bones, and everything. This gives the animal the nourishment it needs to live a long life. As a result, it is thought that a raw feeding system (i.e., meals given by nature rather than commercially manufactured kibble) is the greatest method for our dogs to live a long and healthy life. Many benefits have been observed by those who give their dogs a balanced raw diet, including cleaner teeth and breath, healthier lustrous coats, and overall better health. The BARF diet, which is also known as the Bones and Raw Food diet, consists of 60-80% raw meat and bones (like chicken neck, back, and wings). The remaining 20-40% would come from fruits and vegetables, as well as other natural meals like eggs. Adult dogs, on average, require roughly 2% to 3% of their body weight in food on a daily basis. Dogs Are Not Grain Eaters – They Are Meat Eaters. Dogs' digestive systems are small and simple, designed to process animal protein and fat. Their systems are built to eat and digest animal meat and fat. In fact, grains and other complex carbs are difficult for them to digest. Dogs should be fed high-quality animal protein and lipids with no grains and few carbs, according to the raw dog food diet. Many veterinarians now agree that prepared or processed pet food is the leading cause of sickness and death in our pets! Also, ask your veterinarian about adding enzymes and probiotics to your Miniature Schnauzer's diet. They can aid in the betterment of your Miniature Schnauzer's health by aiding digestion. Raw meat, vegetables, and fruits that have not been processed supply the vitamins, minerals, proteins, and other elements that dogs require to flourish. Your furry companion will be healthier if you feed him this manner, and a healthy dog will be able to withstand illnesses and infections, allowing them to live longer. Additionally, if your dog is healthy, you will save money. How? A healthy dog will not need to visit the veterinarian as frequently or take as many expensive drugs. Important tip for feeding your Miniature Schnauzer raw food If you're going to switch your Miniature Schnauzer to raw food, don't add any raw meat to kibble or even prepared meals. Raw meat is easily digested by dogs, but other animals require considerably longer. As a result, combining the meals will induce stomach problems. Learn more about feeding species appropriate for long life & happiness in your sweet pet - get my FREE e-book below!

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