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The crunchy dog mom blog is here to help you to have a healthy dog – with minimal vaccines, toxins etc. How to have a healthy dog has been an integral part in my journey of being a dog breeder – a lot of things have come up over the years. Almost all of them lead back to the health of the dog. And recently, it has come to my attention that I have not been agressive enough in letting my puppy buyers know the difference between a healthy dog and a medicated dog.

A dog that has to be on “medicine” does not a healthy dog make. If one’s dog is prescribed a pill for the rest of it’s life – that pill is designed to cover up a symptom, NOT heal the symptom. Often times those medicines will lead to the necessity of more medicines as the original med will start causing new symptoms that will need to be covered up! Some things simply do not require meds, but instead immune system support.

I believe our Creator blessed us and all life with amazing systems in our bodies, one of them the immune system. If we were to do all we could to supplement that system and help it to function at its optimal best, we most likely will see a very healthy life. This is not including congenital disease, but disease brought on by toxins in food, water, “medicines”, even surgery, and vaccines!- more on these in a later post.

We live in a toxic world – so any life would benefit from de-toxing. And what if instead of giving toxins to “help” our pet, we instead gave it supplements to help the function of whatever is ailing the dog. We stopped using toxins on it’s skin – the biggest organ any living being has.

What if we gave our beloved pets water that has been purified and de-toxed! And we fed them species appropriately so that their body systems could function optimally. And instead of giving them injected toxins, or oral toxins we gave them supplements that further help their body system functions. In this way, we would have strong healthy pets that stayed with us as long as possible.

That’s what The Crunchy Dog Mom Blog is all about – sharing ways on how to keep your dog healthy. The main way is reducing toxins as much as you can.

However, I find this difficult to do with the average animal doctor. They often receive incentives to give your beloved pets the terrible toxins spoke of here. If their toxins were to hurt your beloved pet, do you think said animal doctor will tell you it was something they recommended you give to that innocent animal that needs you to use critical thinking skills and protect it from allowing toxins to be injected into them?

Probably not I highly suspect. More likely than not they will say it’s congenital and probably a default in the breeding lines. Not that that couldn’t be true – but, I know also that it’s true, they would never agree it was something they gave to or recommended your pet receive.

If you were to ask to see the insert given on the toxins recommended it would be highly enlightening to the pet owner. I am certain a loving pet parent would be appalled and completely reject the toxin given and ask for something with far less debilitating side effects.

So, how does one avoid all these toxins the animal doctors want to give to your pet. The toxins that create more disease and seeing you running back to your pet’s doctor for more toxins to cover the symptoms of the last toxin given? To start – follow The Crunchy Dog Mom blog 😉

But seriously, I highly recommend taking the time to find a holistic vet that you trust, one that will use alternative treatments to the toxins, to see real healing in your pet. One that will run blood work and work hard to find the reason for the symptoms. One that will give healing supplements that will help your pet not only get better but feel better too, to help your pet live it’s best life yet!

So, check out the holistic vet’s in your area and shop around until you find one that feels like the best fit for you and your furbaby – you’ll both be so glad you did!

So remember – from the food you give to the supplements you give, all of it is to support your pet – to help your pet live it’s best life yet!

For lots more on how to have a healthy dog – be sure to follow  The Crunchy Dog Mom Blog!

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