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If you’re a fan of the super handsome Schnauzer, you’re probably aware that the breed has three varieties: giant, standard and miniature. The Miniature Schnauzer was developed to be a smaller version of the standard Schnauzer so they could do better as ratters and guard dogs. However, the Miniature Schnauzer has evolved in recent years to become a companion of people.

When choosing a Miniature Schnauzer, there are many decisions that you will have to make and one of them is which color you prefer. Currently, miniature schnauzers come in a wide range of color options but only three color variations are officially recognized by different kennel clubs across the world. They include black and silver, salt and pepper, and solid black.

The black Mini Schnauzer has enjoyed acceptance right from the moment was it developed as it was considered to meet breeding standards. Solid color is a dominant gene, so any crossing with parents with solid colors will result in a puppy with a solid color too.

Appearance of the black Miniature Schnauzer

The solid black miniature is a popular variety of the breed but they tend to have white patches on the chest or tipped toes. Also, the color shades vary too as some black coats can be a couple of shades lighter than their original color while others stay rich and dark in color while another category may turn a dark grey color.

Although the black Miniature Schnauzer looks very adorable, it can sometimes be the most difficult for an exhibitor due to the fact that the inner coat and outer coat may have different color shades. In other words, a black Miniature Schnauzer may not have a black undercoat. For instance, there is a possibility that a puppy that is solid black may have a light grey coat.

Is the black Miniature Schnauzer different from other color options?

The black Miniature Schnauzer is unique in that it is the only solid color that is widely accepted because it meets established breeding standards. In terms of appearance and temperament, they are not any different from other color varieties of the breed.

The black Miniature Schnauzers are affectionate, playful and hardy alert, making them a great watchdog. They have high intelligence, which makes it easy to train them but you will have to keep the training fun and interesting as they get bored with repetition and may get distracted.

Unlike some color options, black Miniature Schnauzers have no health issues that are peculiar to them. They are generally healthy and the few health conditions they are prone to are peculiar to the entire breed.


Black Miniature Schnauzers are wonderful pets that will likely make strangers walk up to you and ask where you got yours because they are so regal and striking. They are well suited for city living as well as in rural settings. Whether you want an incredible breed as a loyal companion or as competitor in the show ring, the black miniature schnauzer is a great choice.

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