All about us and how we became a Miniature Schnauzer breeder located in Tennessee


Our Journey

So, here is about us and how we became a Miniature Schnauzer breeder in Tennessee…

We are thrilled that everyone who buys our beautiful Miniature Schnauzer puppies knows they are getting a quality puppy – one that comes pre-spoiled, hand raised, in our home. Handled, loved on and played with daily from birth. Fed species appropriate for health and long life. Which in turn means you’ll be saving money in the long run.
A quality puppy that you’ll be proud to show off.

Tara Lyn
Owner Tara’s Schnauzers


About Us Miniature Schnauzer Breeder in Tennessee....

Hi, I’m Tara and we love Schnauzers – ALL of them. But we breed: the occasional t-cup, mostly toy and regular size Miniature Schnauzer puppies. We love the lush coats and all the colors they come in, from traditional coloring to the merles and even the blue eyes. We’re not snobby, we think they’re all beautiful. Here at Tara’s Schnauzers we don’t have kennels – the parents to our Mini Schnauzer pups are our pets and live in the home with us. They sleep with us and watch tv with us, go for car rides with us – they are family members. When the puppies come along they get the same treatment – they live in the living room after they are weaned and are the center of attention, with lots of love from family and friends. Those little tails are always wagging.

We are located in beautiful Tennessee, where our Miniature Schnauzers are happy chasing squirrels, watching deer go by and even following the occassional frog around. They get a lot of excercise playing outside and a lot of loves hanging out watching t.v. with us.

I love this breed because they are happy to be outdoors and playing and learning and doing or just as happy to lounge on the couch and watch t.v. with you. They have adorable, expressive faces and loving personalities that make them seem almost humanlike. They adore their people and love to be with you wherever you go, even if it’s just to the bathroom 🙂

In our breeding program we strive for beauty and health in our gorgeous Miniature Schnauzer puppies. All parents are Embark tested and we never linebreed or inbreed.

We also strive for amazing pets that make wonderful new furry family members in their new homes.

We have them well on their way to potty training, socialization, crate training and more. And we have partnered with BAXTER & Bella online puppy training so that you can keep the training going in your home for the most well-behaved furry family member who is a joy, and easy to have around. I can’t say enough good things about this program – it’s a lifetime membership and I recommend it highly.

Along with all that we also concentrate on species appropriate feeding for health and long life. Carnivores eat raw meat – and dogs are descendants of wolves who get all their nutrition from raw meat, and you can get that same awesome nutrition for your special pet that gives them a strong advantage for a long and healthy life.

We believe in keeping the chemicals down as much as we can by keeping  the vaccines to a minimum and one at a time and we use non-chemical wormers too on our babies to help keep their immune system strong.

We offer a Lifetime 100% Money Back Genetic Health Guarantee – and we can do this by making sure our breeding pets are not related. This gives our Miniature Schnauzer  puppies that edge they need for a chance at a strong genetic background that keeps their genes healthy.

I got my first Miniature Schnauzer puppy when I was 15 years old and it’s been love ever since. I’ve loved this breed a long time and am so happy and honored to bring that same joy to others with my sweet Miniature Schnauzer puppies!

That’s me below with my very first
Miniature Schnauzer –



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